In most Sub-Saharan African countries, agricultural knowledge is, particularly in rural areas,

traditionally transmitted in informal settings from one woman to another.

While primary school enrollment rates are moderately lower for girls, data collected at the secondary school level reveal greater disparities between boys and girls at the secondary school level. The high illiteracy rates among rural women and their low level of education create real issues as circumstances require farmers and small traders to find new venues which would allow them to generate income or simply implement innovative policies defined by national governments. Such activities require an array of skills that women in rural areas ought to have.

OFED's approach to girls and young women's education in rural areas aims at:

  • increasing and encouraging their access to education, improving schools' infrastructure;
  • setting up new educational venues in collaboration with various stakeholders (distance education); and
  • emphasizing mothers' participatory role in its programs to foster girls' school attendance and young women's technical training and apprenticeship.

Help us provide rural women and their children tools to take charge of their own development



Help us provide tools to take charge of their own development.

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