E m p o w e r i n g
W o m e n
E m p o w e r i n g
C h i l d r e n

Promote the Participation
of Children
in Vulnerable Areas
in a Preschool Program

Contribute to Poverty Reduction
and Empowerment of Rural Women
through the Promotion of
Income-Generating Activities

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Empowering women and their children in developing countries by strengthening capacities while promoting an environment that will guarantee a better quality of life for their communities.


OFED International's activities range from supporting rural women' entrepreneurship, increasing access to clean water and proper sanitation, to promoting a culture of reading among children in rural areas.

Rural Women Entrepreneurship Support

OFED migrates informal groups of women farmers and breeders into Simplified Cooperative Societies (SCOOPS)


Early Childhood Development

The program aims to promote the participation of children in vulnerable areas in a preschool program, encourage the awakening and inclusive education of children.

Help us provide rural women and their children tools to take charge of their own development