Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development



OFED's education program aims to help children in vulnerable areas participate in preschool program, where they will be able to learn in an safe and inclusive environment. We aim to ensure intellectual, psychological and physical well-being, and parental involvement in their children's education. Organization for Women and Development (OFED) and Global fund for Children (GFC) has established a partnership to develop this program.

Six key areas of intervention
1. Learning and Teaching

Implement a better educational curriculum for the benefit of children in kindergarten in Assiamagble, a small village in the republic of Togo.

2. Health and Hygiene

Provide children with adequate care, establish good hygiene practices (brush teeth, wash hands), and distribute hygiene kits (toothbrushes, toothpastes, soaps, and sponges).

3. Nutrition

Improve children’s diets so that they are nourishing their growing bodies with nutritious foods.

4. Security

Set up security arrangements so that children can learn and develop in a safe environment.

5. Social Psychology

Encourage children to socialize with their peers.

6. Parental Support

Build a framework that encourages parents to invest in the program’s success. It is expected that parents will be actively involved in their kindergarteners' lives. For these results to occur, parents need to participate in activities with their children and collaborate with teachers and staff.

Community Library

  • Facilitate access to books for children in the township of AkĂ©pĂ© in the village of AssiamagblĂ©
  • Encourage recipients to read to inprove their academic performance
  • Encourage reading for pleasure to hatch children's reading skills.
  • Contribute to the personal and cultural development of the beneficiaries
  • Promote education in general

Organization for Women and Development International (OFED International) and Global Fund for Children (GFC) has established a partnership to develop this project.


The project is divided in two phases: community awareness and mobile library set up.

Community Awareness

We partner with administrative and traditional authorities, teachers and the Village Development Committees.

Mobile Library Set-up

OFED-GFC provide the necessary resources to the community for the management, animation, and sustainability of the library. A tricycle motorcycle carrying books travel throughout villages/communities stopping for few hours. Students have the choice of reading on-site or borrowing books. Each library motorcycle carries about 500 pounds of books in several genres including: education, novels, dictionaries, comics, poetry and more.

OFED organizes educational and cultural events around the project such as: storytelling sessions with puppetry, writing workshops, meeting with Togolese authors, poetry, theater and cultural activities celebrating community identity.