The village of Wutegble is located in the township of Glekondji (Prefecture of Agou - Plateaux Region), about 85 km from Lomé, the capital city of Togo.
The population has no access to electricity, drinking water or a health center. Torches and lanterns are used locally and require batteries and/or kerosene. In order to recharge cell phones batteries, people have to travel about 2 miles round trip.

OFED International has provided access to modern energy services using solar panels for electricity to more than 1,500 residents of the village of Wutégblé.


Street lamps in the village certainly help women carry on the sell of goods as late as they see fit.

Several activities took place as part of the implementation of this project: 

  • Women were trained in entrepreneurship in small scale (income generating activities)
  • The capacity of women were strengthened in the community for the maintenance of solar installations

School performance has increased through extended hours of studying and reading after sunset. Women can attend evening classes as part of a functional literacy program. The lighting in the public square not only allows children to do their homework but has also stimulated the economy through small business development by women who will be able to sell their goods during evening hours.

Ensure women and their children have access to electricity

Pictures Of Our Project